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We are so excited to finally announce the participants of the second edinno.lab! Meet, Scoutlier, Polis, T-share, Be A Maker Club, The Literacy Architects, U21, b.e.t.t.e.r. Ednow, a guide to inclusive learning, SMAHT, Mucktracker, Mega Minds, LiteracyTech, Inc., Enlightapp, and UBoundLLC.

The edinno.lab is just that, an active “lab”…

We are so proud to announce the members of inaugural Edinno Innovation Lab! For the past few months we’ve been working with a fantastic group of edtech innovators. Meet Always RepresentED, Collegize, Dancing Panda, Formation Learning, The Mindful Applicant, Uplift K12, USPKLS, and Viinko.

The Innovation Lab is just that…

Starting or working for high-growth companies means wearing multiple hats and moving fast. This is great because it provides the best opportunity to grow quickly and have an impact.

But product managers often need to slow down and listen to customers to empathize with their needs and circumstances. …


Edinno is an open learning community created to support and empower emerging edtech innovators.

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